Nomads of Kyrgyzstan

Descending to Osh The descent from the Tajik border to Kyrgyzstan is amazing. Mountains in all kinds of different colors. In the background one of the highest mountains of the Pamir, Lenin Peak of 7,000+ meters. Along a river we set up camp together with John and Fern from England. … Read More

Crossing Tajikistan: The Pamir Highway

Is this road closed? Lynn studies the map on her phone. No, this must be the border crossing. A simple fence is placed over the road and a group of men is standing in front of it. When we approach them, they point us to a small white building. Inside … Read More

Desert for Days

Around 11 in the evening the boat docks in the port of Alat, Kazakhstan. After an hour at the border control, filling in some papers, we cycle out of the harbor. Together with some other cyclists we are looking for a place to camp. Not far away we see a … Read More

Welcome to Iran!

Just before the border we prepared for our adventure in Iran. With all its rules, including the dress code. For me the only change is long trousers, but for Lynn a headscarf, long trousers and a long shirt, so there’s nothing feminine visible anymore. Our plan is to hitchhike to … Read More

The green mountains of the Caucasus

Everything is different when we cross the border with Georgia. The surroundings are greener, with beautiful forests and rivers. In the shops we only find bottles with alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate and other sweets. In the small villages it is difficult to find decent food.. Many cars that have been discarded … Read More