Adventures in Albania

There is a big line up of cars in front of the border. Some drivers got out of their cars. This will take a while, I think.. We join the queue but some men tell us that we can pass by the cars. At the border control a man opens … Read More

Three weeks along the coast in the Balkans

The first few days in Croatia are rough. During the ride from Buzet to Opatija we cycle 1,600 altitude meters in about 35 kilometers. We have the coldest night in Istria, -12 degrees, and we get two days of non-stop rain. Then spring begins for us, fortunately! A big part … Read More

From the Alps to the Adriatic Sea

Off to the Alps! We are in Salzburg, a beautiful old town with a big fortress (Hohensalzburg). For a nice view over the fortress we go up the Kapuzinerberg. Normally a walking path, but we push our bikes up all the way up. Hard work for a nice picture 😉. … Read More

Winter in Germany

There we are, the bikes packed and all our friends and family around us. It feels strange to leave for such a long time. This way you really find out what you have and will miss here. Friends, family and colleagues. Thank you all for the reactions, postcards and best … Read More

Let’s Go!

The past few months have flown by. For years we have dreamed about this journey and it’s quite exciting that we are really going! In one week we will trade our parents’ home for two bicycles and a tent. Over the past few months, we’ve been busy with many preparations, like moving out … Read More