We are Robert (29) and Lynn (24). We are from Hardenberg, The Netherlands. Robert works here as a sales-assistent/carpenter and Lynn just finished her bachelor degree in economics. At the end of 2012 we planned a holiday together and without a lot of forefought we booked a flight to Thailand. We had the time of our lives. Almost a year later we decided that we wanted to travel for as long as possible. From that moment on, we lived in a minimalistic way and everything became focused on the journey. A journey that we first wanted to make as backpackers. Gradually, a plan was formed by reading many blogs on the internet. Until we met a cyclist in Germany, a Swiss who cycled through Europe. Almost instantly we decided that bicycle touring ticks all the boxes for us.

Bicycle touring is different. You are out in the open, connected to every road you take, hills you climb and weather you have to cope with along the way. You can travel almost unsupported, which gives you a lot of freedom and keeps it affordable. It also makes you more approachable for the people you meet along the way. For us, it’s not about reaching a destination, but about the journey we make. Also, not knowing where you’ll sleep at night or where to find ingredients to cook with is part of the adventure. Though camping on the side of the road or cycling through Central Asia sounds daunting to some, we believe it will bring us great experiences.

So after three years of saving, finishing up school and researching routes & gear, we will set off on January 29, 2018!